These Are The Stairs You Gotta Watch

Written by Tennessee Williams

"This is a deliciously atmospheric one-act set in a decaying movie theatre that was once an opera house; the eponymous stairs are the ones that lead to the upper balconies, where all manner of never-quite-specified but obviously very nasty business is conducted by disreputable patrons. The setting felt familiar to me, and after the show I checked out Williams's Collected Stories, where I discovered it in a late-30s tale called "The Mysteries of the Joy Rio." Christopher Kerson is terrific as an usher who has become disenchanted with his job after ten years in this hell-hole"
- Review by Martin Denton

Don't Listen To What It Sounds Like

Performed during 4 Adults Only, an evening of four short tales
Written by Mark Borkowski

"An extremely well-acted reunion of two people who once had something in common. Christopher B. Kerson shines as the best male lead of the set, playing Floyd, a fragile and troubled man visiting his old friend Gretchen (aptly played by Judy Jerome). Directed by Robert Haufrecht, this glimpse into the lives of strangers grips the audience and leaves them wanting more."
- Review by Kristin Forte


Written by Mario Fratti
Directed by Stephan Morrow

Kerson co-starred with Tony and Drama Desk Nominee Rose Gregorio ("Shadowbox") In Mario Fratti's "Missionaries" directed by Stephan Morrow.  Fratti wrote the original book for "9" Fratti has written some 80 plays which have been performed in around the world in 19 languages in over 600 theatres.

"Gregorio’s air of Spartan authority is nicely counterbalanced by Kerson’s blend of frailty and self-reproach."
Review by Ethan Kanfer

Hurry At The Blue Heron

Written by Bridget Carpenter
Directed by Stephan Morrow
Produced by Arthur Finn and City Actors Theater Company

Chris appears as "The Guy", a mathematician who is attempting speed-dating for the 11th time, following the title: "Speed dating for finicky urban professionals". What follows are the combustible and zany encounters one could easily imagine from such a desperate endeavor, until a surprising and sad fact is revealed from the woman’s past, which gives the whole proceeding a surprising depth.

The Deer Park

Directed by Stephan Morrow
Norman Mailer attended this "special-event performance on book" of his play.

A trip to Purgatory morphed into Palm Springs of the 50’s where denizens of the film colony go about their trials and tribulations. A down and out film director who is short on cash and long on integrity falls in love with a Carmen, but one who is full of hurts. She goes off with an edgy but younger character who is not above setting up men with women for a price - but when her ex-lover director saves her from the brink of suicide, they end up settling down to a less than satisfying luxurious suburban life-style.  They argue, he suffers a heart attack and dies. So goes life in the film capital.

A Bright Room Called Day

Directed by Stephan Morrow

Taking place from 1932-33 in Berlin, it covers the period of the rise of the Nazis and the demise of democracy, culminating with the Reichstag fire. From then on, civil liberties were crushed, the Communist party outlawed, and the first concentration camps set up. Six friends - bohemians, artists, Marxists, try to save their souls, and their lives during this tumultuous time.  When first presented twenty years ago, during the Regan years, it seemed to some far fetched to compare that period to today. Now, in the uneasy times in which we live, when there is widespread concern about civil liberties, wiretapping, and foreign invasion, it has morphed into nothing less than a stunning tribute to Kushner’s prescience.

Within The Skins Of Saints

A play by Mark Borkowski with Andrea Leigh & Chris Kerson.

The Nest

Directed by the Actor's Studio's Marcia Haufrecht
Written by German playwrite, Franz Xaver Kroetz

This 2 character play deals with the struggles of a young middle class couple as they are awakened from a life of blind acceptance and complacency when a tragedy befalls their family.

Chris plays "Kurt", a truck driver who finds himself unknowingly asked to compromise his values and the lives of his new family.