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Equal Standard

NYC police officers lives collide in interweaving stories, with Ice T, Robert Clohessy, and several big hip hop artists. “Chris Kerson, who plays Kevin McKenzie delivers a powerhouse performance making him worthy of a Best Supporting Actor prize.”
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Last Call

Chris is one of the leads in this indie comedy from Future Proof Films, playing the son of Bruce Dern's character. Starring Jeremy Piven, Taryn Manning, Zach McGowan, and Jamie Kennedy. article article article


Chris plays Willie Boy Johnson, traitorous friend of the legendary John Gotti, played by John Travolta. This film portrays an authentic account by Gotti's son, John Gotti, Jr.
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True Detective

Chris Kerson has a recurring role as a nail gun shooting survivor named, appropriately enough, Nails. The tough-as-nails-guy will be a loyal member of Frank Semyon's gang.
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"This short thriller is beautifully made and very well acted... The skilled Chris Kerson, who plays Art, takes that flammable chemistry and pours a whole new dimension of angst into it."
Cult Critic Magazine Review


Chris plays an alcoholic step father trying to bond with his TV fantasying step son.

Daylight's End

79 Parts


Cost of a Soul (Redemption)

Kerson stars as war veteran Tommy Donahue in this drama set in Philadelphia. Wounded in the war, Tommy Donahue and DD Davis return home from Iraq to the slum neighborhood they grew up in. Cost of a Soul was written and directed by Sean Kirkpatrick, and co-stars Will Blagrove, Judy Jerome, and Mark Borkowski. independent film of the year in I am Rogue” film contest.

Another Zero In The System

Angel Jellyfish

Modern Romance

The Gun Play

Bryan Scary's short film The Gun Play, with Kathy Bonilla, Peter Bonilla, and Paul M. Brunner.

The Ride

Pacific Blue

Hamilton Chronicle


Insult To Injury


In Awake, a dramatic short film set in Montauk and suburban New Jersey, Kerson co-stars as Lawrence Watkins, a giant in private equity who is now losing his mind and dying rapidly because of the rare genetic condition fatal familial insomnia.
Awake was produced, written and directed by Mark Finguerra and also stars Donovan Patton with Karen Giordano and Cristina Doikos in supporting roles.

Broadway's Finest

Kerson plays a drug supplier that actors from the Actors Studio are trying to fool in a fake drug deal. The actors are impersonating undercover cops impersonating drug buyers. In this film, audiences can see how well Kerson reacts to figuring out something is wrong. Directed by Stephen Marro, also known for film short, Arrested Development.


Kerson plays the lead role, an emotionally abusive father of a young boy and mother. Directed by Felix Else.

Late Night Entertainment

A New York Jewish avant-garde playwright becomes involved with cocaine and softcore pornography in Prague. Can he make a comeback in New York trying to produce something that could be part of a Zeigeist of our times - a film that will cram softcore pornography and political satire into the same DVD?

Two Star State Of Mind

Kerson had a lead in Ron Massucci's 2 Star State of Mind, an Independent feature in which he plays Brian, a white collar bad guy in a very unique film. Brian is a co-worker of our protagonist, Steve, who feigns an English accent to get ahead in life. Eventually, the character romances away Steve's girlfriend. This film was produced by Good Bye Blue Monday Productions.


Open is a story about profound yet simple lessons that life offers through our natural environment, and how those lessons can be perceived by one who seeks them. Kerson plays Alan Ritter, a real estate agent who was the one-time best friend of Jack, our protagonist.  Their realtionship is estranged as Jack slips into depression and continuous misfortune.  Eventually, Jack pushes Alan away and then later tries to reconcile the relationship.


Kerson plays Mr. Garey McKeon, the defense attorney for 3 men accused of committing a murder to collect the victims' life insurance.  It stars David Moscow of Big,  Bree Michael Warner of Officer Down.

Flesh Suitcase

Kerson's first feature and he was singled out for playing the religious fanatic Chad. This role introduced Chris to the business as a chameleon-like character actor.  The film starred Harold Gould (Rhoda, The Sting) Corey Parker (Biloxi Blues), and Garrett Wang (Star Trek: Voyager), The film played at the first Slamdance, as well as Berlin. It won at the Worldfest Film Festival.