Chris Kerson is an American Actor, best known for portraying Nails in the hit series True Detective, and Willie Boy in Gotti. Chris started honing his thespian talents in drama clubs throughout his upbringing in Manhattan and Westchester, New York. Despite aiming for a career in finance, he continued performing theater during his undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary. Following graduation, he found success as an investment banker and corporate finance analyst--notably taking one company public. Despite his early corporate achievements, Chris’ passion for acting proved greater. It wasn’t long before he was splitting time between LA and NY, booking theater, film and television work while sharpening his craft with prominent industry coaches. One of his primary tutors included Al Pacino’s long-time mentor Charlie Laughton, whose influence would also impact the trajectory of Chris’ career.

Chris’ Off-Broadway repertoire includes a sold-out showing of Stephan Morrow’s Hurry, at the Blue Heron Art Center. He was also well-reviewed as Carl the Usher in the never-before-produced Tennessee Williams play, These are the Stairs You Got the Watch. Another notable performance was his starring role in Missionaries, opposite theater icon, Rose Gregorio. Although Chris’ roots are in theater, his on-camera castings have been in greater demand.

With a filmography spanning more than two decades, Chris has come to be recognized for a variety of works on television and the silver screen. These include many remarkable independent productions from some of the industry’s high-rising creatives. His earliest works include a few NYU student films produced by Oscar winner, Mollye Asher. One film in particular, The Ride, was Martin Scorsese’s pick for the film school’s best short production of the year.

Other highlights include Cost of a Soul, the AMC Big Break Movie Contest feature film winner, in which Chris played lead. He also co-starred opposite Lance Henriksen in Chad Law’s Project Greenlight submission, Daylight’s End. Independent Spirit Award nominee, Tim McCann, cast Chris as the starring detective in the crime drama, Zero in the System. Notably, McCann also cast ex-cons, including parolees, to specifically bring authenticity to characters, conveying the natural grit of street culture.

Most recently, Chris co-starred in the 2019 suspense-thriller, Rendezvous, which is regarded as the most-decorated American Short film of all time, with nearly 200 international award wins. He also co-starred in 2020’s Equal Standard, a timely story addressing racism in the New York Police Department, starring and produced by famed rapper/actor, Ice-T.

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True Detective - series regular - HBO
CSI - Merchant of Menace - guest star - CBS
Pacific Blue - guest-star / lead - directed by Terence O'Hara

Equal Standard - lead - directed by Brendan Kyle Cochrane / written by Taheim Bryan
Last Call - lead - directed by Paolo Pilladi / written by Greg Lingo, Paolo Pilladi
Gotti - lead - directed by Kevin Connelly
Rendezvous - lead - directed by Damian Veilleux / written by Seth Kozak
Daylight's End - lead - directed by William Kaufman / written by Chad Law
Cost of a Soul (Redemption) - lead - written/directed by Sean Kirkpatrick
79 Parts - lead - directed by Ari Taub
Harmony - lead - directed by Logan Kirbens
Grace - lead - written/directed by Chris Ordal
Awake - lead - written/directed by Mark Finguerra
The Wolf of Wall Street - featured - directed by Martin Scorsese
Nothbend - lead - written/directed by Bernard Phillips
Wear - lead - written/directed by Felix Else
Broadway's Finest - lead - written/directed by Stephen Marro
Zero in the System - lead - Tim McCann
Humdinger - lead - directed by William Heins
Fencetitute - lead - Susan K. Brigham
You're Not Special - lead - written/directed by Evan LaMagna
The Ride - lead - written/directed by Thomas Kim
Late Night Entertainment - lead - written/directed by Daniel Hendrick Simon
Angel Jellyfish - lead - written/directed by Kristina Nikolova
Two Star State of Mind - lead - written/directed by Ron Massuci
Open - lead - written/directed by Satish More
Insult To Injury - lead - directed by Burke Roberts. Cannes Film Fest '06
Hopelessly Blurred - co-star - directed by Ron Moreno
Gun Play - lead - directed by Brian Tritler
Modern Romance - lead - directed by Jymi Mehil. Greenwich Film Fest '04. et all.
Del Fuego - lead - directed by John Dean Alfone
Jesus Rides Shotgun - lead - directed by Burke Roberts. Cannes Film Fest '98
Flesh Suitcase - lead - directed by Paul Duran
(Slamdance Fest '95, Berlin, Seattle, World Fest, Sundance Channel, Showtime, & The Movie Channel)
Dead Bird - lead - directed by Paul Bloom
The Boxer - lead - directed by Scott Murden
Tunnel Vision - co-star - directed by Valerie Vaughn

Missionaries - Father Edward - lead - Written byter Mario Fraetti ("9") opposite - Tony nominee Rose Gregorio
Pieces Of Paradise - Carl - lead - directed by Stephan Morrow
Genesis Cage Entertainment - lead - Daniel Hendricks-Simon; Simonstudios
The Deer Park - lead - Stephen Morrow/Norman Mailer
A Bright Room Called Day - Braum - lead - Directed by Stephan Morrow/ Concert Reading
Within The Skins of Saints - lead - directed by Robert Haufrecht. Written by: Mark Borkowski
Hurry - Guy - lead - directed by Stephan Morrow
Don't Listen To What It Sounds Like - Floyd - lead - directed by Robert Haufrecht
The Nest - Kurt - lead - directed by Marcia Haufrecht
Iowa - lead - directed by Brian Tracy
Legends - Ray - lead - written by Leslie Lee (Concert Reading)
A Crack In The Ground - Walter - lead - directed by Marcia Haufrecht
The Partners - Frank - lead - directed by Van Directed byk Fisher
After Hours - Tom The Undercover Cop - lead - directed by Marcia Haufrecht
In The Mean Time - Angel - lead - directed by Michael Halliday
Hurley Burley - Phil - lead - directed by A. M. Rachel
Water On The Moon - Salvatore - lead - directed by Don Stewart Baldwin
Twenty-Seven Wagons Of Cotton - Silva - lead - directed by Anya Galperin
Danny and The Deep Blue Sea - Danny - lead - directed by John Goodlin
Golden Boy - Joe - lead - directed by John Goodlin
Stella's Sancutary Bar - Nicky - lead - directed by Benno Haenel