"Kerson is tightly wound yet so clearly affected by his growing affection for a daughter he never knew that he is a study in contrasts. His anger over having to resume "the life" feeds his killing frenzy. He knows he will pay a price eventually but never hesitates to kill." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Kerson's performance is intense." - New York Daily News

"Actor Chris Kerson may not yet be a household name, but with his unbelievable range and strong work ethic, he soon will be." - Icon vs Icon, All Things Pop Culture

"There’s a lot in store for director, Sean Kirkpatrick, and leads Chris Kerson and Will Blagrove, that I'm glad to say this film has made me want to follow three different careers as I'm sure we'll be hearing A LOT from these three guys!"  - StarPulse.com

"I don’t think there could have been any other actors who would have played these characters so real and raw to their core, it’s almost a sin to even think of anyone else."
- StarPulse.com

"Kerson excels at radiating existential intensity." - butlerscinemascene.com

"Both Chris Kerson and Will Blagrove give polarizing performances. It is their performances that elevate the project to another level. Kerson and Blagrove both seized their opportunity and dug into their roles with such preparation, passion and enthusiasm." - CinemaAssassin.com.

"Actor Chris Kerson’s Tommy is so tightly wound, you keep waiting for him to snap. His flawed protagonist walks a fine line trying to do the right things – while at the same time doing the absolute worst. His anger at having to resume his life of crime is palpable.” - VeryAware.com.

Theater Reviews:
“Swoopingly, whoopingly funny in the movie-house bit …”
- Jerry Tallmer, founder of the Village Voice Obie Awards

“Christopher B. Kerson shines as the best male lead of the set, playing Floyd, a fragile and troubled man …"
- Kristin Forte, Show Business Weekly

“Christopher Kerson is terrific as an usher who has become disenchanted with his job after ten years in this hell-hole”
- NYTheatre.com

“Gregorio’s air of Spartan authority is nicely counterbalanced by Kerson’s blend of frailty and self-reproach.”
- Ethan Kanfer