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The Deer Park
Directed by Stephan Morrow.

Norman Mailer attended this "special-event performance on book" of his play.

A trip to Purgatory morphed into Palm Springs of the 50’s where denizens of the film colony go about their trials and tribulations. A down and out film director who is short on cash and long on integrity falls in love with a Carmen, but one who is full of hurts. She goes off with an edgy but younger character who is not above setting up men with women for a price - but when her ex-lover director saves her from the brink of suicide, they end up settling down to a less than satisfying luxurious suburban life-style.  They argue, he suffers a heart attack and dies. So goes life in the film capital. Or Purgatory -  as the souls therein look for their salvation.  Hard-ball, hard-core Hollywood of the fifties - a stand-in for all the towns in all the world.