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A Bright Room Called Day
Directed by Stephan Morrow.

Taking place from 1932 - 33 in Berlin, it covers the period of the rise of the Nazis and the demise of democracy, culminating with the Reichstag fire. From then on, civil liberties were crushed, the Communist party outlawed, and the first concentration camps set up. Six friends - bohemians, artists, Marxists, try to save their souls, and their lives during this tumultuous time.  When first presented twenty years ago, during the Regan years, it seemed to some far fetched to compare that period to today, but now, in the uneasy times in which we live, when there is widespread concern about civil liberties, wiretapping,  foreign invasion, it has morphed into nothing less than a stunning tribute to Kushner’s prescience, with the Weimar Republic standing as a frighteningly accurate metaphor for the state of things today.

Director Stephan Morrow has reassembled some of the members of the original N.Y. cast  together with other seasoned N.Y. stage actors, and Living Theater icon Judith Malina. Not seen professionally in N.Y. for over fifteen years, the play is growing more relevant with each passing day. Come join us for an evening of theater that is both powerful and extraordinarily relevant.