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"Kerson is tightly wound yet so clearly affected by his growing affection for a daughter he never knew that he is a study in contrasts. His anger over having to resume “the life” feeds his killing frenzy. He knows he will pay a price eventually, but never hesitates to kill."
- The Hollywood Reporter

'I don’t think there could have been any other actors who would have played these characters so real and raw to their core, it’s almost a sin to even think of anyone else. There might have been a few A-listers out there...sometimes “gambles” are good, and what raw under-the-radar actors can deliver, most of Hollywood’s meat lacks."


“Swoopingly, whoopingly funny in the movie-house bit …”
- Jerry Tallmer, founder of the Village Voice Obie Awards

“Christopher B. Kerson shines as the best male lead of the set, playing Floyd, a fragile and troubled man …"
- Kristin Forte, Show Business Weekly

“Christopher Kerson is terrific as an usher who has become disenchanted with his job after ten years in this hell-hole”

“Gregorio’s air of Spartan authority is nicely counterbalanced by Kerson’s blend of frailty and self-reproach.”
- Ethan Kanfer