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Cost of a Soul (Redemption)
Kerson stars as Tommy Donahue in this drama set in Philadelphia. Wounded in the war, Tommy Donahue and DD Davis return home from Iraq to the slum neighborhood they grew up in. Tommy returns to his wife, Faith, whom he abandoned while she was pregnant to escape a life of crime. He meets his disabled six-year-old daughter, Hope, for the first time, and she begins to melt his frozen heart.

Cost of a Soul premiered on May 20th, 2011 across the country in 50 AMC theaters. AMC and its distributor, Relativity Media, chose Cost of a Soul as the winning independent film of the year in their “I am Rogue” film contest. It can now be streamed on Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, and viewed on On Demand Cable.

Cost of a Soul was written and directed by Sean Kirkpatrick, and co-stars Will Blagrove, Judy Jerome, and Mark Borkowski.