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Chris Kerson appears next as a series regular in the season two cast of the acclaimed HBO crime drama television series True Detective. He portrays the mesmerizing character "Nails," a survivor of a brutal nail gun attack and loyal company man, to "Frank Semyon" played by Vince Vaughn.

He is most recognized for his starring role in Sean Kirkpatrick's feature film Cost of a Soul. The independent film opened in 50 theaters nationwide and was the winner of Relativity's Rogue and AMC's "The Big Break Movie Contest."

Since 2008, Chris has been a lead in 24 films including Thomas Kim's The Ride which was named by Martin Scorsese as the best short film of that year. He played a pivotal supporting role as the villianous drug supplier, Saveno in the New York feature Broadway's Finest which won awards in numerous film festivals in the metropolitan area. Chris is a lead and an antagonist in Independent Spirit Nominee Tim McCann's Zero in the System.

Chris has worked off-Broadway in lead roles in such theatre productions as Franz Xaver Kroetz' play The Nest at the Mint Theater, Stephan Morrow's Hurry which had a sold out run at the Blue Heron Art Center. He originated the lead role of "Carl the Usher" in the New York premiere of the recently discovered These Are the Stairs You Got to Watch by Tennessee Williams. He starred opposite theater icon Rose Gregorio (Shadowbox) in Mario Fratti's Missionaries, read opposite the legendary Judith Malina (The Living Theater), and was involved in a sold-out, NY Times reviewed, staged reading of Norman Mailer's The Deer Park which Norman Mailer attended and proudly praised.

Chris Kerson was born in New York City and raised both in Manhattan and Westchester. He received his degree in Psychology from the College of William and Mary. He has studied acting with some of the best teachers and coaches for stage and film, most notably the renowned teacher and mentor of Al Pacino, Charles Laughton.

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